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Opal Appeal

$590.00 Ending soon
Be dazzled by the myriad colours of this Australian opal doublet encased in 14 carat white gold bezel setting

Princess Jade

$190.00 Ending soon
Take yourself into the heart of South-East Asia when you wear this gorgeous genuine green jade necklace mined in the heart of the Burmese jewellery

Flower Pearl

$179.00 Ending soon
Flower shaped Tahitian mother of pearl pendant complete with a Tahitian keshi pearl in the centre

Burgot Brilliiance

$60.00 Ending soon
Transport yourself into the islands of the Pacific ocean you wear this natural Burgot shell pendant with its complex variety of unique shades and colours

Blue Quartz Seduction

$70.00 Ending soon
Glittering blue quartz sterling silver earrings ready to wear for both formal and informal occasions
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