Blue Pearls from New Zealand

In 1989 New Zealander, Roger Beattie, established the first ocean based blue pearl farm in New Zealand's Chatham Islands.

Blue pearls originate from the colourful Paua (Abalone) shell. Over the last twenty years Roger and his team have pioneered Paua farming and now have five farms around New Zealand. Paua shells are selected for their strong and vibrant colours.

A seed (or nucleus) is attached to the inside of the shell, beneath the mantle, allowing a blue pearl to develop. After 30 months the pearls are harvested. Only one paua in five produces a marketable blue pearl and only one in fifty produces a near perfect pearl. These pearls are called "mabe" or blister pearls and are among the rarest pearls in the world.

Tiare Black Pearl takes the raw pearls and fashions them into beautiful pearl pendants, earrings and rings set in 18ct white or yellow gold.

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