Opera Star

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Set the stage for this magnificent multicolor opera strand of freshwater pearls which can be worn as single strands or clasped together for a swinging roaring twenties look.

Product details

Type: Chinese Freshwater pearls
Number of pearls: 104: Opera strand comprising 2 x necklaces of 51 pearls each, plus 2 pearls x 9.4mm
Size: 8.00 - 8.5mm diameter
Colour: Multicolour (apricot, white, metallic greenblue, pink, peach and purple)
Grade: A
Shape: Semi-baroque (potato) pearls (102) & 9.4mm round pearls (2)
Setting: Silk threaded and knotted
Clasps: Sterling silver
Length: 90cm (2 x 45cm strands)
Number of Pearls: 10